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If you published your web site but still see the "Under Construction" page:

If you published your web site but don't see your "Home Page" - 

1. Is your "Home Page" named 'default.htm' or 'index.htm'? This is how the server knows which page in your web site is the home page. If your go to your domain name without a page name specified, the web server looks for 'default.htm' and displays that. If it doesn't find 'default.htm', then it looks for index.htm and then index.html. Copy or rename your home page to 'default.htm to correct this problem.

2. Is your browser, network connection or ISP 'caching' pages? First, click the 'reload' or 'refresh' button on your web browser. If this doesn't fix the problem and you are not caching or don't know if your caching, then email us or give us a call.

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